A different kind of business mentorship designed for



Over 30 Years of Success

A common question I get asked is: How do you do it all?

Creating a life that you want is easy when you have the support systems and structure in place to move forward with confidence and clarity.  You are hungering for something more in your life and it is within reach, but there is something in the way.  What is it for you? More time, more money, a better relationship, more clients?  In this space you are not only supported through real business decisions, but you are supported to shift your inner game to create purpose driven wealth and abundance. 

Living in Balance has been supporting women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in balance  for over 30 years.  We offer a like-minded network of support to help you build a balanced business while stewarding your health, wealth and relationships. 



hear it from the women

JAye Coward

Kaarina Schrott

Paula Skaper

Ali Siegmueller

How we are different

This isn't your traditional business coaching. This is a holistic approach designed specifically for women to work from the inside out .  We help you create purpose driven wealth in all areas of your life.  

This program is a space for entrepreneurial-spirited women, who want to create balance in their life in order to take their businesses to the next level of financial abundance, and freedom.  It is a brilliant, like-minded, mentored support system that creates real results through focusing on the inner game.  The mentors are women entrepreneurs who have achieved financial success and draw from real experience to offer support and guidance. 

More time for you and your family, more money, better health....these are just some of the successes we have seen with women who embark on this journey.